Michelob Ultra 'Our Bar'

Featured on: FastCompany, Thrillist (ranked us top 20), IndieWire, Chicago Business Journal, Campaign US, The New Yorker, Creativity (Editor's Pick) Adweek, AdAgeUSA Today, and The Today Show, among others.

People sweatin' their asses off ... The 'Cheers' theme song ... Light beer ... All during the Super Bowl. Was humbled, and honored to be a part of the big game. A night I won't forget. Neither will Falcons fans. 


Days before the Super Bowl, 'The Today Show' gave everyone a sneak peek, where Al Roker did this. Which was kinda cool.

People didn't hate us, either ... 3 stars on AdAge,

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 4.23.44 PM.png

a thumbs up from AdWeek

... and America liked the brand a lot more than the previous year. Thanks, Woody Harrelson.

But could have been given some more love, I guess...