Pops is Haitian. Moms is really Haitian.

Big bro showed me football, and humility. Big sis led by example.

Born and raised in Chicago.

High schooled in Florida... Learned about “swass,” and “the muck” there.

Colleged at Valparaiso, home of “The Shot.”

Former sports writer; landed in Shaq’s lap once.

Used to be an account guy – sorry for that.

Lover of hoops, comedy, and public speechifying

Doer of those same hoops, voice over, and anything else that’ll make me sweat.

Actually, trying to sweat everyday - boxing, cross fit, soulcycle, whatever really.

Dave Chappelle is my spirit animal.

Same haircut since the second grade. 

Wearer of many hats, in the literal sense - Chicago teams, mostly.


Super Bowl
USA Today (top 5 underrated super bowl spots)
Best Ads on TV
Fast Company
Adweek (top 10 ads of the week)
AdAge (3-out of-4 stars)
Thrillist (top 20 super bowl ads/ 2017)
Creativity (editor’s pick)
Today Show


My art director and I came up with the Babybel campaign, which became their global positioning. I was lucky enough to become the voice of the campaign, beating out over 200 guys for the spot.

I also interviewed the Rock, the last game at the Orange Bowl, before they demolished it. He's much bigger now.


Goodby, Silverstein and Partners
associate creative director // mar '18 - now
clients - pepsi, NFL, golden state warriors, xfinity, commonsense media

creative director // jul '17 - feb ‘18
clients - miller lite, skittles, jeep, hunt’s, hebrew national, rotel

associate creative director // writer feb '16 - now
clients - michelob ultra, jack daniel’s, academy sports and outdoor, meow mix, milkbone, fanduel & new biz

sr. creative // aug '14 - feb '16
clients - mountain dew, coors light, nike, miller lite, pepsi, nissan & new business

Havas Chi
sr. copywriter // sep '12 - aug '14
clients - mini babybel, michelob ultra, wingstop, hefty, reynolds & new business

new biz wins - autozone, craftsman, wingstop, dish, ultra, terminix

Burrell Communications
copywriter // jan '11 - aug '12
clients - mcdonald's, toyota, general mills, crest, tide, bounty, gain

account executive (again, I'm sorry) jun '08 - sep '08
clients - capital one, corn refiner's association


Chicago Portfolio School
instructor apr '17 - jan ‘18


Second City
comedy writing '12 - '13

Chicago Portfolio School
copywriting '09 - '10

Valparaiso University
journalism '03 - '07