In 2019 the Golden State Warriors played their final season in Oakland. A place they called home for 47 seasons. So to celebrate, we retired the number 47, just like you would a player.


Oakland will be part of the team forever. We put a number in the rafters to prove it.

Not sure when this was taken, but Klay stuck around to soak it all in. Felt pretty cool to have a future Hall of Famer show some love.


It’s officially the only arena to have its number retired. Its on Wikipedia, so you know its true. Still there.


A $7,000 banner, that had a 5-minute unveiling on local TV, drew over 105 million media impressions in just 1 week.


They unveiled the banner after their final regular season game at Oracle on April 7 (4/7). Head Coach Steve Kerr praised the Oakland fans.

This is the full unveiling. The ‘Remember the Titans’ music was a nice touch…

The reception was better than we ever expected. Sports media outlets and fans around the world showed love to the team, and the city. Here are just a few posts…