Mountain Dew - dolla dolla beals

Our concepting session inside a pizza joint:
writer:   Well, we could Bradley Beal is "money" from three. 

art director:   Funny, his last name sounds like … oh shit, Dolla Beals!!!


The brand wanted a local social promotion in the DC area, but had no money, or media. We created a "Bradley Beal Night" for Wizards fans, giving one of them the chance to let it rain from deep for some cash. Not bad. 

Here are some of the submissions we received:


The assignment called for a couple social posts about bringing cat-owners and their cats closer together. We made those, but then made these sweaters that literally brought them together, by combining the best of both worlds.  

Pepsi's #TheRecipe

Pepsi wanted to celebrated Black History Month. But there were caveats: #1.) Must start after the Super Bowl; #2.) You can't talk about black history. Fantastic... That's when we decided to allow consumers to create their own history. Because truth is, people are making history today, so we gave them a forum to talk about it...

We allowed anyone to tell their own stories, using NFL players and influencers to get the word out.