On select days during the NBA All-Star voting period, votes count double. So, on those days we asked fans to vote so much they break the internet.

No shame.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 8.46.27 AM.png

We couldn’t stop Lebron from getting first place, but KD and Steph were second and third respectively in the Western Conference voting.

As an added bonus, they each received the most fan votes of their careers.

And here’s a list of future hall of famers they beat out, cough cough:

  • Paul George

  • Anthony Davis

  • James Harden

  • Russell Westbrook

  • Damian Lillard

  • Chris Paul

We didn’t know player cards were a thing, but had some fun making them. I was at a game, and saw fans trading them. Pretty cool.


To cap it off, we created a handful of in-game videos to get fans at the game excited enough to vote from their seats.